Techtronic Industries North America, Inc. Concept Lead in Brookfield, Wisconsin

As a Milwaukee Tool Concept Lead, you are the project team leader responsible for coordinating a multi-disciplinary team of creative problem solvers through the fuzzy front end of human centered design. Your creative spirit, hands-on approach to product development & teamwork, and excellent communication skills will ensure the team delivers innovative solutions consistent with Milwaukee Tool's brand and business strategies.


Oversee the exploration and convergence of the project into actionable innovative opportunities & user driven strategies for Milwaukee Tool. Effectively & efficiently manage cross functional team throughout the project ensuring expectations are clear, delivered upon, and in a timely manner. Coach Design Thinking skills to core team, proper presentation assembly & communication per the various milestone meetings.

Required Skills:

5+ years of experience working in Front End Innovation (FEI) teams. Experience with Design Thinking methods, processes, tools, & execution a plus. Engineering and/or Industrial Design Degree(s). Passion: Irresistible drive to invent new solutions to old problems. Creativity: Original problem-solving skills coupled with a hands-on approach. Irreverence: Actively challenges behavior paradigm's both internally and externally. Management of Complex Decisions: Thrives in ambiguous scenarios in which the correct direction(s) is not yet obvious. Great at gleaning meaning from whatever data is available. Intuition: Knows the most effective and efficient methodologies to meet project goals. Aptitude: Possesses strong mechanical & manufacturing background to ground ideas but has a finger on the pulse of emerging technologies. Communication: Up, down, and throughout the organization - speaking the lexicon of the creative, technical and the trades in a language of the masses. Time management: Skilled at planning & prioritization of tasks for oneself and the project team. Cross-functionality: Works effectively with Engineering, Marketing, Industrial Design, & Design Research. Understands the strengths, value, and knows how to correctly utilize each member of the team most effectively.

Equal Opportunity Employer Minorities/Women/Protected Veterans/Disabled